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  1. Lindsy Braddock | August 2, 2015 at 9:42 am | Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive the newsletter and information. I appreciate it.

  2. Bread And Butter Should Not Be A Meal: Three Reasons ABA Is Stuck In DD

    I suspect that the major reason that ABA and PT communities are primarily focused on the DD and ESPECIALLY the Autism Spectrum is the Willie Sutton reason. “That is where the money is.”

    Sadly this means that our tools as well as our work is limited, and to some degree stigmatized, by concentrating almost all of our energies and expertise in our work with these individuals. Even the work that WAS being done in health habits seems to have been lost.

    The best applied work is being done by the free operant community,, especially TagTeaching, which is growing as rapidly as clicker training. I rarely see ABA folk with real skill at shaping behavior, which to me is the bedrock of excellent performance in changing behavior. Instead there is a great reliance on “behavior control” rather than behavior increase. Consequently the field is using outdated behavioral technology–the Standard Celeration Chart is a tool for seeing behavior change almost in the moment, but it is being dropped from the requirements for new BCBA’s.

    We are trying at the Fluency Factory to embrace all kinds of learners AND adapt the principles of the SCC to a friendlier format, closer to the 3 cycle charts originally developed by Kunzelmann and implemented by Sopris West. We DO need to make our tools less painful, our language more open, and our embrace of newbies friendlier if these practices are ever to stop being marginalized.

    Richard McManus, Founder and Director

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