BSCI Entrepreneurial

bSci Entrepreneurial

Skinner envisioned a behavioral technology that could change the world, and entrepreneurship is the prime driver of such change.  At bSciEntrepreneurial, we provide support to behavior analytic startups across six countries, both in clinical and non-clinical industries, featuring:

  • live monthly coaching sessions

  • background research (e.g., competitive analysis, market research, etc…)

  • document review and creation (e.g., business plans, training development, etc…)

  • BCBA supervision in Organizational Behavior Management & Behavioral Systems Analysis

We would love to help you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams! Please contact us below to set up a free 1-hr consultation with Dr. Ward.


Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D
biographical statement

We found bSciEntrepreneurial to be of great benefit at the start of our new business journey. Todd was extremely supportive and encouraging, providing us with practical support in a number of areas including marketing, networking and social media. It was wonderful to have access to someone with extensive knowledge of both Behavior Analysis and the world of business. We are sure Behavior Genie will thrive because of it.

— Julianne and Sarah, Behavior Genie Co-Founders